Monday, February 24, 2014

Is this always going to be this hard?

I have been trying for three days to load photos. Today I tried a different browser and we will see if that works. I can't believe that adding a photo would be so frustrating. I hope it isn't always going to be this hard!

Anyway, I was trying to post photos of recent CQ blocks I have done. These are not fancy in that they don't have a ton of handwork and embellishments. They will be for an "I Spy" quilt for a  young man in my family. He is only three so the decorative work will be done with the machine. All those fancy stitches that I  (and hubby) paid $$$'s for will finally be put to use.

These will be backed with batting and a shaped backing and then stitched together in such a way that the backing is turned and stitched down making a border around the blocks. I haven't decided whether to make all the blocks and then put them together or as I stitch the blocks go ahead and put them together. I do know that the bigger it gets the more difficult the piecing will be.

Wheeee! I finally got pics to load. Wonderful.

Well I am off to sew some more. Will try to post a lot sooner than this has taken. You'd think I'd have lots of things to blog about with as much sewing as I do. So I'll try to do better from now own.

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  1. Often the problem with uploading photos is that they are too big - not visual size, but data size. Try to save your photos in jpg form, and make sure they are no bigger than 500KB (best between 200KB - 400KB). You don't need fancy software to do this, I just use good old-fashioned Paint. If you need any help, feel free to drop me a line. Hope that helps :)