Sunday, April 6, 2014

I spy update...

I do believe that spring has sprung! The iris are blooming, I've seen butterflies, and today we had our first hummingbirds. We put the feeder out earlier this week because they always show up the first week of April and sure 'nuff they did.

I've had a couple of these block done for several days (weeks maybe) but just getting to this. There must be a way to make this more regular. Maybe I need to make a date with myself!

Remember these are for a nephew who is still a toddler so there's not beading or button work. Also since it's for a boy there will be no lace. I am doing all the decorating with all those fancy stitches that came on my machines. Gotta use them somehow! I'm also trying to use up as much of my scrap stash as possible.

And we have new little critters in the house. Soon they will be big enough that I can move them to the barn.

Now back to stitching. Several projects to work on so I'll post more later.


  1. Your colors are so bright and cheerful and you have such cute prints that I am sure your nephew will love the quilt. I just love the ghost block shared in your first post! And your yellow dragonfly in the CQ block is fantastic.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I need to get busy on the nephews quilt or I won't get it finished by Christmas. I'll post more as I get it done.

  2. Hi
    I wish you would post more here. I absolutely love the blocks you are doing for the 2014 CQ project. Your stitching is beautiful.