Monday, February 23, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I had wonderful intentions of posting once a week. I guess I should consider myself doing good to post once a month. Lots to catch up on so let's get started.

First off, you'll notice a couple of new link pics (buttons) on the sidebar. One is for "The Giveaway Roundup". This is the new home for Missouri Mel's Giveaway Roundup where tons of giveaways are posted. Yep! All in one place. The second is the CQJP2015 link. Decided to do that again this year, but I'm just getting a button here for it. It had been so long since I had done the last link button thingy that it has taken all afternoon/evening to get those two posted. Geesh! I have got to post more often.

Now on to what's been happening here at the end of my road. In January the oldest Grand had to have a costume so she could dress as Mrs. Garfield, first lady to President Garfield. Mimi to the rescue.  Dress, jacket, slip with bustle and metal "hoops", jabot with cameo, embroidered purse with a lace hankie and the hat. Got it all made and it only took about three weeks and one fitting. Yeah!!! That's a win and a finish.

Then I finished up my part of the black/black blocks for the CQ4N group. This first one isn't finished. It goes to Rita so that she can do her magic and then it goes on to Tatyana. I stitched the paisley in the upper right corner on the embroidery machine, then appliqued it to the block and added bead work to it. Then a seam combo down toward the bottom right corner. My new thing for this block was the Dorset buttons. They were woven over a metal button form normally used for covered buttons. I enjoyed doing those and will probably do more of them as needed.

The second block was Rita's. There wasn't a lot of room left to work on this block. The other girls had done a fantastic job with it. I added Rita's initial in padded stem stitch (my new thing for this block) with some silk ribbon iris and some bead work.

Next I have a few more of Hoot's quilt blocks made. I didn't get it finished in time for Christmas but since he is not yet 5 the quilt will still be appropriate, maybe more so this coming Christmas. So I have it pulled out where I can do a bit of work every little bit. I have all the backings cut and the pattern designs drawn out on them. I also have all the "things to spy" cut and spent last Saturday at Joann's looking for an "X". Finally hubby found a piece of flannel that had a xylophone on it. The alphabet will be complete. Yeah!!! So here are the next blocks. (Nope, not working them alphabetical order, sorry.)

And a Finally.

  I finally got my bobbins cleaned up. This is what they looked like. Plastic boxes with small dividers. Each little space holds three bobbins. But keeping them neat and not having thread hanging out and getting caught was for the birds. So....

I used this...

Got it at the local farm store but the hardware store would probably have it also. Cut the tube into short pieces that are just the height of the inside of the bobbin. Cut the short piece of tube "up the side" and then slip it over the bobbin....

and now I have this! Yah! See the extra little pieces of tube. Ready to go for when I find the odd bobbins that I am sure to find. There will be one in a project that still needs handwork. One with a doll dress that still needs snap/buttons. One with... well I am sure that there are several laying around somewhere. There always is...

And last, princess dresses for the grands...

and those girls do love their Grandpa!

So for now, remember...

"On unfamiliar terrain, stay alert for surprises."
All I Need To Know I learned From My Horse
Pamela C. Biddle and Joel E. Fishman


  1. I'm so glad to see you posting again. I'll follow to see your CQ blocks. I am on the list, but 2015 has hit my family hard. Blocks are pieced but no embellishing going on yet. No matter what, I'll stitch today.

  2. Oh, almost forgot the rest of my comment!! How in the world did you put that costume together in just 3 weeks? Amazing! What a great memory you have created for your entire family. I love seeing the I-Spy hexies. I ordered a new hexie template by June Tailor. It's one of those that you put your rotory cutter in the slots and cut your piece. should be here today!