Friday, April 17, 2015

Just catchin' up

Seems like I am way behind. Not just on this blog but on a lot of things.  Oh well. Maybe that's what retirement is all about... never having to be caught up. There's not a lot happening here---

The iris are blooming. They are one of my favorites and over the past several years we've bought several iris that are not just your normal, run of the mill, find them in every yard iris. We've picked up several re-blooming ones that hopefully will provide more than just a bit of show. Of the others that we've bought, most are bi-color. Here's pics of the start of the blooms. The light purple is one that my maternal granny gave me when we first moved here. That's been 20+ years.

The swallowtails have been out and about adding color to the yard and flower beds.

 And speaking of flowers, we have a new flower bed. And a "landing" under the water faucet. We've wanted something under that faucet for a long time because it gets so muddy there. Knew what we wanted it was just the gettin' round-tuit. Still need to get trellis panels behind the beds to hide the under deck area. And that deck really needs cleaning off. Shouldn't be using it for storage anyway. lol....

Grass is growing and one day last week while Hubby worked on a lawn mower we let the horses in the back yard. They sure enjoyed the fresh grass. 'lil Bit kept getting past our temporary fence but all we had to do was call her by name and she would turn around and go back under it. She is just too smart for her own good. Ginger twisted or sprained a hind leg this past week but the vet thinks she'll be okay in a few weeks. We did separate her from the other horses so she doesn't make it worse playing around with them.

And last I'll close with the last two quilt tops in the making. They both need borders. I decided I have to do something about all the scraps in tubs and the folded pieces that I really don't have plans for and so I decided to try scrap quilts. I've always made quilts that were pre-planned and then bought the fabric specifically for that quilt. Most times I bought more than was needed. You know, for the just in cases. So there's lots of small amounts of fabric in tubs and boxes. It needs to be used or gotten rid of. So use it I say. Here's the first top. I finished this part of it a couple of weeks ago and then couldn't decide about borders. Maybe this weekend... I'm not real crazy about it but maybe the borders will help it out some.

This next one I have worked on this past week. Got the blocks finished up yesterday and then stitched them together today.  I like it much better, maybe because it's a more traditional pattern. I also worked at trying to coordinate the hst's with the center strips and squares. I'm sure that didn't hurt one bit. It is Shoo Fly from "The Big Book of Nickle Quilts" by Pat Speth with Charlene Thode. There are several more patterns in this book that I want to try. I think I probably need to get a few of the Phd's finished up before I start something new though.

I've got a few more blocks on Hoot's quilt made, will try to post them in the next day or so. And there are several other cq blocks that I need to take pics of and post. Maybe I just need to set aside a day for that.

I don't think there is much more to say tonight so I'll leave you with these words:

"When in doubt, ride with your instincts."
All I Need To Know I learned From My Horse
Pamela C. Biddle and Joel E. Fishman

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  1. I saw your post on stashbuster and thought I'd visit your blog. If you haven't found Bonnie Hunter yet you might check her out. Her thing is scrap quilts. She has lots of free patterns. Look at both and