Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rain, Horses, and sewing, Oh My!

It's been awhile and I've been busy so I'll try to get everything up to speed.  So let's see Since April we've survived heavy rains, which washed out the road, filled up the pond, and left us without electricity for a day. Not too bad, others went without for a bit longer. The county has had tons of work to get the roads back up to par so Hubby placed a couple of rods with surveyors tape around our wash so that people wouldn't drive off into the hole, especially at night. It has since been fixed.

'lil Bit just loves to have fun and often it is at our expense. One of her favorite things to do is go under fences. We use temporary fences to be able to rotate the horses from one field to another. But if 'lil Bit gets it in her mind to eat in another, under she goes. And then she laughs at us. Between her and the deer we repair the fences several times a year. Don't you just love that grin?

In the sewing room:  The borders on these two quilts. I just pieced the same scraps as I used for the blocks for the main border on the top quilt.

For the second quilt I pieced the skinny first border using the scraps. Good thing I didn't want a larger first border. Then I used a dark green for the outer border. Seemed to fit the best of what I had on hand. Still not crazy about it but I have a lot of trouble with liking my own scrappy quilts. I do like the one about much better. Oh well... one of these days maybe I'll learn to let loose.

I also did some embroidery work on a RR block. This shows just my part. The block then got mailed off to the next member of the group. The buttons are a mix of vintage buttons that a niece gave me. The Dorset buttons I made. Those are the crochet covered buttons. First covered in silk and then a crochet "snood" made to fit over them. I really enjoy doing those. And that dragon fly, not my best one but I still love that little bugger.

What I've been working on: "Trail Mix" from Better Homes & Gardens Scrap Lovers' Quilts. My quilting buddy, Kathy D. and I worked on each step together, even though we are miles apart. (Isn't email a wonderful thing?) I really have a ton of trouble working with a ton of different scraps, especially those of different colors. Kathy's quilt is a gorgeous mix of colors and turned out so bright and sparkly. Mine on the other hand seems more subdued. Yes I know it's because I kept my fabrics in the blue families. I just have to have some control. lol... Anyway, this pic was taken a bit back before the squares were sewn together. I now have all the rows sewn and most of the rows are stitched together. Just a few more and I'll be ready for the borders.

I've got several eye spy blocks for Hoot's quilt to post but since this is getting long I'll post them later. Along with a canning/freezing/jelly making update. Despite the rains, or maybe because of them, the garden is doing pretty good! For now I'll leave you with these words:

"Just because you cleared a wall going north doesn't guarantee you'll clear it going south."
All I Need To Know I learned From My Horse
Pamela C. Biddle and Joel E. Fishman

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