Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Since retirement I have no sense of time...

Absolutely no sense of time what so ever. It was only yesterday I checked in and said I'd be back in a couple of days. Oh my gosh that was in September!!! So okay I have got to get it together. Since retirement the days and nights kinda just run together. I don't seem to get near as much done and yet I don't seem to have much down time.

Well tonight I will try to bring things up to date. Since I last posted a year ago (not counting that silly little update) I have had a total knee replacement and am in the next week, hopefully, will be scheduling the second one. The first one went really well and I have actually been able to ride the horses a bit. Less and less lately as the right knee has hurt more and more. Other wise my/our health here at the end of the road is great.

So for a few pictures. I won't go back the full year, just what I've been up to lately. If I find something of interest I'll just post it later.

First off the jalapenos did okay for just a couple of plants and for us to eat from them most of the summer. Nine small jars. Last year I didn't use gloves as I sliced them, lesson learned. This year I did, another lesson learned. Next year I think I'll use a hazmat suit. At least my hands didn't burn for days.

A bit of doll sewing. The fabric with the flowers came from a friend on the Babyface doll group. We were challenged to mix it with another fabric and make a garment. I managed two. The leggings are from an old pink t-shirt. Love her face!

And for Miss Revlon, a couple of dresses.

Mr. Wooly Worm says we are in  for a bad winter. According to legend the more black/less brown the worse the winter will be. Looks like this might be the worst.

And quilt wise what have I been working on? A One Block Wonder. I do believe I am in love. If my quilt turns out half as neat/pretty as the ones in Maxine Rosenthal's book I could maybe never use another pattern. And then I saw JoAnn Stearn's Confetti. It reminds me a lot of the Trails quilt Kathy D. and I did together across the net. She and I have already swapped fabric strips to get a good mix of scrappiness for the Confetti. I have several 4-patch blocks sewn together but no photos yet. But back to the One Block Wonder. Mine is from a cut of Christmas poinsettias in blue and silver. I'm afraid there might not be enough color difference to make it as gorgeous as those in the book but we'll see. I'm only about a fourth of the way through the blocks.Those on the left have not been sewn yet and there are still piles of parts laying around. I started out thinking that maybe they all needed to be arranged first. My friend Beth suggested sewing the hexies in halves and then pinning the halves. Once they are all done you can then arrange them without worry of messing up the parts. I think that is going work really well for me. The ones on the right have been sewn, halves pinned and then placed on the board. I started out trying to keep like values/colors together but that's not working too well. So far, there are a lot of them of the same color/value. I think I'll have to take the others down soon so I'll have enough room to play. Well not much left to say so I'll close for now. Phyllis

"When in doubt, ride with your instincts."
All I Need To Know I learned From My Horse
Pamela C. Biddle and Joel E. Fishman

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